PREMIER - Several Premier League clubs want to fish in Celta de Vigo

16.10.2021 15:50 of E.B. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
PREMIER - Several Premier League clubs want to fish in Celta de Vigo
© photo J.M.Colomo

Despite not having started the season as planned, Celta de Vigo have many high-quality players. The clubs of the Premier League know this and will try to fish in the Vigo club from next summer.

Celta de Vigo has started the season in a bad way. Accumulate seven points in eight games, chaining five defeats and only two victories. Despite the bad figures, from the Galician team they believe that the situation will turn sooner rather than later.

The coach, Coudet, has numerous high-quality players at his disposal and, as the team improves tactically, Celta de Vigo will rise through the ranks like foam.

Some of those players are on the agenda of numerous Premier League clubs. The British teams, of great economic power, want to seduce the players of the celestial team in case they do not meet the objectives set at the beginning of the season. In that case, it would be easier to convince the players of a change of scene.

-Iago Aspas: Moana's player already played in England, when he defended Liverpool's elastic. Although it was not his best stage, far from it, as a footballer, Iago Aspas has become a more contrasted and experienced player. Despite having started the season with low scoring numbers, Celta de Vigo fans can't wait for his losing streak to end soon.

-Renato Tapia: The Peruvian player is the lung of Celta de Vigo in the midfield. Renato Tapia is everywhere and he steals absolutely everything. Because of his characteristics, he would stand out positively in the Premier League.