FOCUS - Juve: change of shirt numbers to be reborn or assert yourself

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FOCUS - Juve: change of shirt numbers to be reborn or assert yourself

Sometimes you know, to try to give your best on the pitch you can also resort to superstition. This can happen when a player chooses to change teams, because he doesn't feel well inside, or because he plays sparingly. Another option may be to stay in that team, but try to change yourself, perhaps, starting with the jersey numbers.

This is the case of Federico Bernardeschi, who after two disappointing seasons with Juventus, chose to change his jersey number from 33 to 20, the one that belonged to Joao Cancelo. The number 20 that allowed him to win the European Championship with Italy, in one of the most beautiful evenings of his career. He said it himself: the number 20 reminds him of the "magic nights" with the national team and who knows that it could not be the beginning of a "rebirth", even with the Bianconeri colors.

Different situation, instead, for those who have done very well and just want to change their number because he prefers a new one, instead of the old one.
Danilo, who left 13 to take 6, (the number that belonged to Gaetano Scirea, legend of Juventus history) certainly wants to leave a South American imprint there.

We close with Juan Cuadrado, one of the strongest players in the team and very much loved by the fans: after three seasons, he changed the 16 to choose the 11. A particular number, if we think of Pavel Nedved, another Juventus champion who left unforgettable memories in Turin, in fact he is still in the club, as a management member. In short, we can say that the reasons why a player changes his jersey number is not always the same, but the result is certainly better than it is wonderful for all three players.

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