INTER MILAN, the present is fun, the future...not so much

13.05.2021 21:27 of Desk TransferMarketWeb   See readings
INTER MILAN, the present is fun, the future...not so much

Inter Milan is still enjoying celebrations for the long-awaited Serie A title, but dark clouds hang over Suning Training Center as the season is coming to an end. The League Trophy has yet to be officially handed to Inter captain Samir Handanovic, but uncertainty looms large.

On the day when the team is sharing on its social media platforms funny videos of manager Antonio Conte and forward Lautaro Martinez pretending to settle their recent disagreements in a Rocky-like fight with boxing gloves, Repubblica is reporting that players and staffers did not find an agreement with management on postponing or cancelllng two months of their salaries, as asked by President Steven Zhang. Suning Group, the Chinese retail giant controlling the team, is in financial dire straits and is looking for loans or partners for Inter Milan as it cannot guarantee the same level of investments as before the Pandemic struck.

Inter Milan might be forced to scale back in the upcoming transfer market window, meaning it could be forced to sell some of its top players, and CEO Beppe Marotta when asked by Sky Sport Italia yesterday couldn't tell whether manager Antonio Conte, the architect of the amazing title run, will choose to stay with the club under these circumstances.

For the time being though, Inter Milan is enjoying the ride.