JUVENTUS, Buffon announces leaving the club: "My time here's over"

12.05.2021 05:46 of Claudio Colla   See readings
JUVENTUS, Buffon announces leaving the club: "My time here's over"
© photo Matteo Gribaudi/Image Sport

Interviewed by BeIN SPORTS, 43-year old Italian legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon talked about his decision to leave Juventus for good, once current season's over: "My future is clear and undisputed, right now. My Juventus course (a 19-year long one, Editor's Note), beautiful and unforgettable, has come to an halt, once and for all. I don't know whether I'm going to keep on playing or not: it's up to which opportunities I get upon, I need something driving me properly to carry on. I gave Bianconeri all I could, Juventus gave me all they could, and you can't do anything more than that. This course's over, and you can do nothing about that. It's time for me to shove myself out.

Every beginning has its end. The end of my second half-time with Juventus has come, and it's final. And, even if I made this decision months ago, I've been ruminating over it, and I made it clear to the club, enforcing it is not easy at all. Cutting out such a bond is hard, when it's about your life, your story, your family, your joy, your tears. Anyway, that time has come, and there's no way of thanking the club enough in the world. I gave everything, and I got even more than that. Everything left to live is yet to be written, right until the end".