Sarri to Sportitalia: "Scudetto was considered for granted at Juve"

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LIVE - Sarri to Sportitalia: "Scudetto was considered for granted at Juve"
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In less than 30 minutes Sportitalia will have an exclusive interview with Maurizio Sarri. The interview will be directed by transfer market expert Alfredo Pedulla' and Sportitalia's director Michelle Criscitiello.

14:57 PDT: Leaving Chelsea was a mistake even if I wanted to come back to Italy. Giroud can do great in Italy.

14:56 PDT: Juventus can win Champions League becuase it is a great team but in Europe there are 10 team which can spend more money.

14:51 PDT: Sarry saying through all his experiences he has changed a lot but it is normal. He wants to be a coach on the field and if a team requests something different he can have issues. He wants to have a team which is willingly to train during the week to have fun on Sunday. In October he had a meeting with the staff when they decided to compromises but to try to win Scudetto since he already knew that was the only year he could have coached at Juventus.

14:40 PDT: Sarri confirming Lazio doesn't have now offensive winger. He doesn't think he is integralist but he will never played with a 3 men defense. Lazzari can play everywhere for his physical skills. He thinks Guardiola is the exception and his soccer is hard to replicate.

14:38 PDT: Sarri saying he was close to Roma; Sarri think if a team has Ronaldo the front office should be build the team around him.

14:37 PDT: Mertens as striker was a lucky move but it worked out great.

14:35 PDT: Sarri thinks if coach has fun he would be able to transfer the feeling to the team and the fans. Sarri saying he had fun at Napoli and during last months in Chelsea. About race to Scudetto in 2018: he has seen players crying after inter-Juventus 2-3. Sarri confirming Higuain is a great player that sometime it is hard to turn on. Callejon is a great player to have because he can balance the team. Insigne is according to Sarri the best italian player and not just now.

14:28 PDT: Sarri denies he never had fights with Juventus' front office. He didn't like team gave up after winning the Scudetto and this was a mistake because they were not able to turn on for champions League Round of 16.

14:22 PDT: Dybala is a great player; it was a weird year and he couldn't be 100% and Juventus should count on him or they should sell him. Sarri considers De Zerbi a coach close to him. Interesting that now people talks more about single players than about the team.

14:21 PDT: Jorginho can win the Balloon D'Or if he wins the Euro 2020. He is a player you should focus on and he is super smart. His best ability: he makes things easy. 

14:20 PDT: Sarri didn't have the certainty to recreate with Napoli what they have done before. He was contacted in January but he wanted to wait until July. About subbing Ronaldo: Ronaldo is not easy to manage and Sarri thinks he is a better coach than manager but Ronaldo is a great player.

14:15 PDT: Sarri saying Scudetto was a big accomplishment but it was considered for granted. Everyone has celebrated by himself. Maybe now it should be the time to join Juventus, after they have celebrated a fourth place.

14:10 PDT: Sarri saying he doesn't regret staying without a team since empty stadiums were sad.

14:08 PDT: Sarri is sitting on his couch with Alfredo Pedulla' and he is ready to talk after 332 days. Sarri saying he spent time with family, read a lot of books, watched many soccer games and cycling races.

13.54 PDT: Maurizio Sarri will speak soon for the first time as Lazio new head coach.