Rocco Commisso opens his mouth in Florence

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Rocco Commisso opens his mouth in Florence
© photo Daniele Buffa/Image Sport

Sky sports reports Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso today spoke strongly in a press conference about the team’s fortunes. “I thank Iachini for the work done, the Florentines should make him a statue. We don’t have a new coach yet but I want one who wins and we want to keep Vlahovic we will meet and try to please him”.

Commisso admits he made a mistake to send Iachini away after first 7 games, the results then showed his mistake. He says he has learned from this situation to always trust his instincts and there will now be time to plan the future for La Viola. Commisso says he wants a winning coach and that the candidate will be appointed when the season is over.

Sky writes that Gattuso is top of Commisso’s list and will leave Napoli at the end of the current campaign.

Commisso then went on to Rant about criticism he has received “I spent 170M to buy Fiorentina then 80 to rebuild it and another 85 for the sports centre. Now I intend to sell it to the people of Florence but Will there be any Florentines willing to buy it? “Fiorentina is one of the few clubs in Italy that has no debt, I will never play like the previous owner of Milan who spent and then left after 2-3 years” “I can buy any team in the world but I chose Fiorentina out of affection” “I ask that respect be shown to me”

Rocco was clearly annoyed at the criticisms and disrespect shown by Fiorentina fans and press towards him and his family.

Time will tell if Commisso’s project will succeed or not.