TOP STORIES - A new version of the Super League is underway

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TOP STORIES - A new version of the Super League is underway
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The Super League is not dead. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus are still convinced that this project is the right one to revive the attractiveness of European football, which they believe is declining.

Under the impetus of Barça, a new formula is in preparation. An open, fairer format, with supporters taking part, so as not to suffer the same popular protest as last spring when the project was initially publicly proposed.

The German daily Wirtschafts Woche had exclusive access to documents validating this change of course. “We are committed to ensuring that the proposed European Super League format abolishes the concept of 'permanent members' and is open to European clubs,” it says.

The Super League is awaiting the decision of the European Court of Justice on competition with UEFA and its Champions League to propose a new tournament. “We see the interest of clubs in working with us as soon as the ECJ has clarified the legal basis”.

It could be two divisions, with 20 clubs each. All clubs could qualify on the basis of their sporting merits. No place would be guaranteed, explains Spanish radio Cadena SER, not even that of the founding clubs, which will also have to earn the right to participate. A hell of a change and a clear sign of openness. What reassure the most skeptical clubs.

For the supporters, reluctant at the time of the birth of the project, novelties are on the program. Fans would thus receive subsidies to travel to their teams' away matches. For the final, 70% of the seats in the stadium would be reserved for supporters of the finalist clubs. Half of the tickets in question will be sold at a capped price. Will these changes boost the attractiveness and popularity of the project? Response in the coming weeks.