TOP STORIES - EU endorses FIFA's transfer system and agent reform

24.11.2021 07:20 of A.R. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
TOP STORIES - EU endorses FIFA's transfer system and agent reform
© photo Daniele Buffa/Image Sport

FIFA's reforms of the transfer system and plans to regulate agents have been endorsed in a new political document.

A report on European Union sports policy, prepared by MEP and former professional player Tomasz Frankowski, explicitly backs what FIFA has done in this area. The game's global governing body is seeking to license agents and cap the fees they receive in transfer deals.

It is also establishing a Clearing House to ensure training and solidarity payments are made and bring greater transparency to the transfer market.

FIFA's chief legal and compliance officer Emilio Garcia Silvero said: "The European Parliament report clearly confirms that FIFA's ongoing efforts in relation to the transfer system reform not only go in the right direction but are essential to shape the football of the future, which should be based on the principles of good governance and solidarity by all those involved.

"The transfer system reform has gained consistent support by key political actors, which is very much in line with FIFA's commitment to modernise the regulatory framework, thereby ensuring that transparency and accountability are safeguarded on a global scale."

The report has also called on "all relevant actors to prioritise policies that safeguard children, promote healthy and active lifestyles and ensure safe, inclusive and equal sport".