TOP STORIES - Living legend Ronaldo defends Super League idea

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TOP STORIES - Living legend Ronaldo defends Super League idea
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Manager of the Spanish club Valladolid and living legend of the Brazilian national team, Ronaldo spoke about the Super League project.

An ambition carried by Florentino Perez, a close friend of Il Fenomeno, who had caused much ink to flow and quickly shattered. Yet to believe the 2002 world champion in comments relayed by The Athletic, the idea of ​​this Super League remains, in his eyes, attractive:

"If you look at the idea of ​​the Super League, it is not a bad idea. The fans want to see the biggest games. Football lovers like us want to see Real Madrid play against Milan or Inter, City and PSG. We want to see these games without having to wait for a quarter or semi-final to see them.”

Launched by the Madrid leader last April, this project of an almost closed European competition collapsed in a few hours after the withdrawal of nine of the twelve founding clubs but according to Ronaldo, this outcome is mainly linked to a lack of communication and a poor explanation of the contours of this new format:

“Today, the fans are very committed. We have seen protests against the Super League in England, perhaps because it was poorly explained or poorly put together. I think there is potential (for the project) and that in the near future there will be innovations for clubs and fans. ” To conclude, the former Inter Milan and Real Madrid striker also calls for a more open dialogue between the European teams and the responsible bodies "to improve our product, offer better conditions, offer the best matches".