CHELSEA - Jorginho rules out Blues exit, for now

13.05.2021 18:30 of Desk TransferMarketWeb   See readings
CHELSEA - Jorginho rules out Blues exit, for now
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Talking to reporters, Jorginho ruled out the possibility of a departure from Chelsea: “Of course, I do feel settled. When I came here, everything was different. It feels great after three years, and I know everyone here appreciates what I try to do for the club and for the people. So it feels like home now in England. And it’s definitely not the time to think about contracts with two finals to play”, Jorginho said.

A departure is now out of the question: “How could I want to leave the club? That’s not the point. It’s not the point even talking about it now. I’ve got two more years and like I said, I really feel at home here. So there’s no point actually even talking about it. And we have only just started under Thomas [Tuchel] - we’ve got a lot more to do here”.

The former Napoli midfielder, 29-year old, is however tied to a contract through to 2023, so the rumors won’t stop so easily. Juventus is keen on him for some time.