Douglas Costa to Gremio intensifies his Agent speaks

15.05.2021 14:33 of Desk TransferMarketWeb   See readings
Douglas Costa to Gremio intensifies his Agent speaks
© photo Matteo Gribaudi/Image Sport

The words of Douglas Costa’s Agent Junior Mendoza are reported this morning in Tuttosport.

Douglas Costa is currently on loan with Bayern Munich who have not taken up their option to make the deal permanent. As reported here links with Brazilian side Gremio have grown in the last days.

Mendoza says “The situation will be defined in the coming days. We are trying to achieve a positive outcome. The parties are committed to making the transaction feasible, respecting the existing contracts with both Juve and Bayern. Douglas’ will is no secret to anyone”

He wants to return to Gremio. Mendoza’s choice of words here are key to understanding the negotiation “the will of the player”. These are words used by Juventus management in the past in such deals as Carlos Tevez return to Boca Juniors.

Details of the deal be it a transfer fee or an option to take a talent from Gremio will be announced in the coming days and we will keep you informed.