SERIE A - AC Milan, €5m for Lazetic the possible future Vlahovic

24.01.2022 15:57 of TransferMarketWeb Press   see readings
SERIE A - AC Milan, €5m for Lazetic the possible future Vlahovic

New contacts in the morning between Ac Milan, Red Star Belgrade and the agents of Marko Lazetic, a young Serbian center forward, considered at home as a possible future Vlahovic. The clubs had already reached almost an agreement on Saturday, even if there was an iterest of an European club that has excellent relations with the Serbian club. The meeting had been postponed for a couple of days to understand what the future could be: Monday was a key day and it was, because the latest problems relating to his transfer have been resolved. Lazetic will be a new Rossoneri player, taking the place of Pellegri, heading towards Monaco.

Five-year agreement.
The player will sign a long contract, to understand if there will be an option or if it will expire directly on June 30, 2027. Being a non-EU member, AC Milan had to wait until the age of eighteen, also to avoid insertions by other interested teams. In addition to the Rossoneri, there was Torino who were dealing with him, but he was overcome very quickly after the involvement of Maldini and the company. €5m for the Red Star Belgrade- plus a percentage of the future resale - and immediate inclusion in the first team, not in the Youth Academy.

Better than Vlahovic at this age.
Those who follow him in Serbia think he is better than the ACF Fiorentina striker at eighteen, but to reach the same level as Vlahovic will need surely time and training with the first line-up. Within the next 48 hours, there may already be signatures and an official announcement.