TRANSFERS - Atletico, Diego Simeone wants Haller

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TRANSFERS - Atletico, Diego Simeone wants Haller
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At West Ham, in January 2021, they were happy when Ajax paid 22.5 million euros for Sebastien Haller. Just a year and a half earlier, they had paid Eintracht 50 for the French striker, who passed through the Premier without pain or glory, scoring 10 goals in all that time with West Ham. They thought it was a good deal, to get back almost half of the investment. Seeing how it has exploded in the Amsterdam Arena, now they must be pulling their hair. Media Europe is after him, with Atletico de Madrid being the last to join the list of interested parties.

And it is that not only in the Dutch league he is leaving numbers from another galaxy (17 goals in 28 games), but, in the Champions League, Haller has made history by scoring six goals in the first three competition matches. In addition, he has distributed two assists for a perfect first round of the group stage, feeding the illusions of the Ajax stands, who dream of a Champions League similar to that of 2019.

Haller has caught the attention of several greats in Europe. At 27, he has definitely exploded and emerged as a great scorer, leaving absolutely brilliant performances. In Borussia Dortmund, in fact, they have him as one of the possible replacements for Haaland if the Norwegian ends up leaving at the end of this season, but it looks like other big clubs will go strong for him.