BUNDES - Lucas Hernandez: "My father abandoned me"

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BUNDES - Lucas Hernandez: "My father abandoned me"
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Interviewed by Les Parisien , Lucas Hernandez revealed a sad background concerning his childhood and that of his brother Theo, who plays for AC Milan. The Bayern Munich player in fact told of how his father Jean-François, also a former footballer, abandoned them:

"I never understood and will never understand how my father was able to leave, from one day to the next, leaving us , my mother, my little brother and me. If he one day he expressed a desire to see me, I would agree to meet him. If he wants to give me an explanation and then leave, no problem. Biologically he is my father, but I will never see him as such. What he did is irreparable. I don't know where he is or what he is doing. Not even if he's alive or not. In the meantime, I have formed my family. I guess he's not interested in joining us".

Sweet words for his mother instead: "We owe her everything, he has put his life on hold for us. What we have become is thanks to him. Me, Theo and my mother are inseparable, then there are also my maternal grandparents and my uncle. I don't have a very large family, but we are united by strong and indissoluble bonds", concluded the Frenchman.