BUNDES - Union Berlin apologises for fans anti-Semitic insults

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BUNDES - Union Berlin apologises for fans anti-Semitic insults
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Union Berlin apologized on Friday after some of its supporters threw anti-Semitic slurs against Maccabi Haifa, the first Israeli team to play at the Nazi-era Olympic stadium since 1936.

"This behaviour is shameful and intolerable," said Union president Dirk Zingler.

"We apologise to those affected... we will never tolerate discrimination in our ranks. It is important to remain vigilant and to work tirelessly against it."

Some Union Berlin supporters hurled anti-Semitic slurs against Haifa fans during a Europa Conference League match at the city's Olympic Stadium on Thursday, which the hosts won 3-0.

On Twitter, the Youth Forum of the German-Israeli Society Berlin-Potsdam reported that a Union Berlin fan attempted to set fire to an Israeli flag, which was "fortunately immediately halted by civilian police personnel."

Police claimed they were looking into the events for provocation, with one suspect being investigated for frequently shouting "Sieg Heil."