BUNDESLIGA - Alaba's father: "We al sorry to leave Bayern"

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BUNDESLIGA - Alaba's father: "We al sorry to leave Bayern"
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Talking to the podcast Bayern Insider, David Alaba's father talk about the last months of the Austrian, who passed on a free transfer from Bayern Munich to Real Madrid after the failure of the negotiations for the renewal:

"I'm sorry to leave, David was looking for a new challenge but he goes assuming that some things did not go well. Zahavi (the agent who dealt with Bayern, ed) did not deserve to be called 'greedy piraña'. It was filtered that we asked 20 million for the renewal, then 19.5.

"I do not want to criticize anyone in particular, but going to the press in a populist way and calling Pini (Zahavi) greedy piranha is not good. I don't want to go into details, but the people in charge know what really happened Tthey hardened a lot and we didn't have any kind of discussion about money.

So I don't understand why, in the end, people didn't stop talking about money. The negotiations started before Covid. ena pandemic, was used as an excuse in our case when others were renovating at that same time (Muller and Neuer)", he said.