BUNDESLIGA - Bayern drops bomb: "Barca is actually bankrupt"

14.09.2021 20:10 of E.B. TransferMarketWeb   see readings
BUNDESLIGA - Bayern drops bomb: "Barca is actually bankrupt"
© photo Matteo Gribaudi/Image Sport

The Champions League will be kicked off again on Tuesday evening and there is immediately an absolute clapper on the program. After all, in Camp Nou, FC Barcelona will take on Bayern Munich, a re-release of the semi-final from 2020 in which the Catalans were humiliated 2-8 by the Germans. The latter already stimulate the opponent a bit.

Honorary president Uli Hoeness dropped a bomb in conversation with Bayern1. "Barcelona is basically bankrupt," he declared. "If Barcelona were a German club, the case would have gone to court long ago. The club no longer serves as a role model for us. David Alaba once said to me: 'It's a dream to play for Barcelona one day'. I immediately said: 'Do you want to negotiate with the chairman or the curator?'"

Barca has been in the news in the past year mainly because of the financial problems the club is facing. Caused by the pandemic, poor transfer policies and skyrocketing wages, the club could not afford to renew Lionel Messi's contract this summer.