BUNDESLIGA - Khedira: "I had to retire, but I have no regrets"

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BUNDESLIGA - Khedira: "I had to retire, but I have no regrets"
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Few weeks after his retirement, Sami Khedira talks to Marca:

“It takes time - said the 34-year-old - it's not a decision taken overnight. I left what I love most and I have to accept it little by little. My body was no longer prepared to continue. to play at the highest level and it was time to leave. If I can't give my all, it's better to step aside”.

“It's something I've been thinking about for a long time talking about it with my family. Right now, I have strange sensations. On the one hand. you are sad, of course, because you will no longer play, but on the other hand you look at what you have achieved and you feel a lot of happiness and pride”.

Former German midfielder has no regrets: “I have had a fantastic career. I played for my hometown team and won a Bundesliga. Then came Real Madrid and it changed my life.

Then, after five years in Madrid, the move to Juventus in 2015: “The farewell to Real was difficult, but when Juve called me I felt it was the right choice to grow up: I was very happy, I won titles, we were a family. It was a great decision”, he said.