BUNDESLIGA - Van Bommel cracks Blom: "Can also exaggerate as VAR"

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BUNDESLIGA - Van Bommel cracks Blom: "Can also exaggerate as VAR"
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Mark van Bommel is not pleased with the fact that his VfL Wolfsburg conceded a penalty on Wednesday evening. After intervention by VAR Kevin Blom, Sevilla on German soil received a penalty from referee Georgi Kabakov. As a result, Van Bommel's team had to settle for a point: 1-1.

"I am certainly not satisfied with a point. We deserved a victory," said Van Bommel after the press conference. Sevilla received a penalty in the Volkswagen Arena after a 'foul' by Josuha Guilavogui, who, however, first clearly played the ball. To make matters worse, he also received his second yellow card and was able to leave. "That was a decision that, in my view, was very wrong."

"If you see this match, then this is just not a penalty," continued Van Bommel about the crucial decision of referee Kabakov. "But it happened like this and we have to deal with that. The game against Borussia Monchengladbach is just around the corner on Saturday. So the switch has to be turned quickly. Much will be said and written about this decision, but we have to move on."

Extra painful was the fact that Kevin Blom, being a VAR, called Kabakov to the side to look at the situation. Then the Bulgarian decided to give a knock and it was used by Ivan Rakitic. "Of course you can also exaggerate as VAR. I asked afterwards why he made this decision. I did not get an answer to that," concluded Van Bommel, who is on two points in the Champions League after two matches.