LIGA - Ancelotti: I have never won at the Camp Nou, a good time to do so

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LIGA - Ancelotti: I have never won at the Camp Nou, a good time to do so
© photo Antonello Sammarco/Image Sport

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti held an online press conference to discuss the first El Clásico encounter of the season on LaLiga matchday ten:

“We know it's a special game for us, for Barcelona and for Spanish football, and we're preparing for it with that in mind. We'll try our best to focus on what might happen, devise a good strategy and give the players all the instructions they need to put on a good display". 

"They are three big points. I have never won at the Camp Nou and I think it's a good time to do so. It won't be easy, but there are lots of points we must fight for if we want to win LaLiga. Last year's game is a reference for us. You have to assess two things to make decisions - what has gone well and your squad right now".

On who the favorite is, Ancelotti stated: “No. It doesn't matter if a team comes into El Clásico in better form. Barcelona have performed well in their last two games. There are no favourites in these kinds of games, A whole range of things determine how the game goes, like motivation and collective commitment, which are vital. Talking about favourites is pointless for these kinds of games”.