LIGA - Atletico de Madrid, Joao Felix and the desire of Liverpool

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LIGA - Atletico de Madrid, Joao Felix and the desire of Liverpool
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Joao Felix is ​​showing great performances in the last Atletico de Madrid games and, although far from amortizing what was paid for him, it seems that the young promise of Portugal is taking shape. At the height of the Portuguese player, there has been vehement speculation about the departure of the mattress footballer, who could leave in January.

There are several teams that want him, such as PSG, which could try to sign him in the summer of 2022, but it seems that Liverpool also wants him and could make an attempt in the winter market.

In recent statements, Steve McManaman, a former Liverpool and Real Madrid footballer, gave his opinion on the situation of Joao Félix at Atlético de Madrid.

“It goes without saying that Liverpool's style of play would suit them better than the current Atlético de Madrid. It is easy. Atlético de Madrid does not take advantage of his qualities and Liverpool could take advantage of it ”.

The former English player pointed out that Joao Félix was "one of the most palpable promises in European football" and that the British team would do very well for the Portuguese to exploit his potential.