LIGA - Barcelona, Laporta: "The Super League project is still alive"

20.06.2021 21:00 of A.S. TransferMarketWeb   vedi letture
LIGA - Barcelona, Laporta: "The Super League project is still alive"
© photo Giacomo Morini

Joan Laporta has announced that the remaining Super League clubs have filed a motion to cancel UEFA's agreement with the clubs that left the Super League. If the motion goes through, the Super League is fully back.

Liverpool and Manchester United were the real founders of the Super League. The Super League project is alive."

“What a coincidence that a certain state-owned club who refused the Super League is investing more than ever in their squad, what a coincidence that they can offer to double a player's salary."

"As soon as we receive the green light from the court, we will create the greatest competition in the world of sports, and everyone will want to join us."

 "They threatened, they pressured, they forced some clubs to apologize and pay fines, now look what happened. Time proved us right."

"The Super League will be the most attractive competition in the world, and it will be based on meritocracy and solidarity."

"Did you see UEFA's reaction? Apologize, pay us and beg for forgiveness. It's a monopoly. A new era is coming. It'll take some time, but it's coming."