LIGA - Bartomeu management's response to financial audit revelations

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LIGA - Bartomeu management's response to financial audit revelations
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President of FC Barcelona from July 2015 until October 2020, Josep Maria Bartomeu was held responsible for the loss of speed of the Catalan club. And this is justified by disappointing recruitments, poor sports planning, but above all disastrous economic management. The audit requested by the new management, chaired by Joan Laporta, had overwhelming results.

If the Covid-19 made matters worse, the decisions taken by FC Barcelona during the previous leadership caused immense losses. Remained silent until then, the Bartomeu clan has finally come out of silence. As revealed by Mundo Deportivo, the board of directors which worked from January 23, 2014 to October 27, 2020, and of which Josep Maria Bartomeu was a member, clarified certain points in a press release.

Faced with the publication of the audit as well as the assembly which will be scheduled for Sunday, October 17, it was important to raise certain points. Thus, some conclusions were made. First of all, the shortfall over the 2020/2021 financial year due to the pandemic is 330 million euros, including 262 million euros of provisions and unusual depreciations which were deemed atypical. The previous board of directors has assumed its responsibility.

Nevertheless, the Bartomeu management also context certain points. First of all, according to her, the audited net debt is 558 million euros and not 1.35 billion euros. Then, she refutes the idea that FC Barcelona would have been exposed to a risk of liquidation or even dissolution of the club. The Bartomeu board of directors then expressed their confidence in the new management and wished them the best to redress FC Barcelona in a complicated context.