LIGA - Betis fixes the starting price of forward Nabil Fekir

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LIGA - Betis fixes the starting price of forward Nabil Fekir
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When Betis announced the signing of Nabil Fekir a couple of years ago, their fans almost rubbed their eyes when they saw a super class like him with the green-and-white jersey. The Betis had just sold Lo Celso for 32 million to Tottenham, and invested 19.75 in the French. They knew that if he shone, that money could double with a future transfer to a bigger team. The footballer himself was clear that Betis could be a springboard for his career. Things, in two years, have changed a bit.

In the first place, because Fekir has found his place in Seville. Betis has gone from fighting not to be relegated (a very bad first season with Rubi on the bench, to entering Europe with Pellegrini. The Verdiblancos have managed to gather a very high quality squad, with Fekir himself and Canales as big stars, those around him high-quality footballers such as Borja, Willian Jose, Guido, Rodri or Bellerin.

So the Frenchman is not only very comfortable in the team, but he is delighted with the city. At the moment, he does not intend to change of scene and the talks for his renewal are going well. He is already the highest paid of the squad, with 4 million euros a year, but Betis is willing to raise that amount and increase his clause a little more, currently set at 90 million euros.

There are teams that have knocked on Villamarín's door last summer, asking about Nabil's situation, who decided to stay, without a doubt, in Seville. It sounded for great teams, but the truth is that no great came betting heavily on him. At Betis they know that with Fekir they have a jewel in their hands that they must take good care of. Not only because of the good work of him, the successes of the team could be greater, but also thinking about a future sale.

Although his new clause is set at around 100 million euros, it is obvious that no one will pay that amount for Fekir. Despite the fact that, to this day, the Frenchman may be one of the three fittest footballers and in the best state of confidence in the League together with Vinicius and Benzema, it is a very high amount so that nobody comes for him . At Betis they only want to set a price for their footballer, in the event that a sheikh arrives with a lot of money in his pocket.

After having paid almost 20 million for him (and some more for objectives achieved), the Betis would let Nabil go as long as someone comes with at least 50 million euros. They believe that it would be an appropriate price for the quality of their footballer and for the money they would receive. Lyon kept 20% of the capital gain (if they sold it for 50, the French would take 20% of 30, that is, 6 million) and Fekir himself 10%.