LIGA - Jonathan Barnett goes wild on Real Madrid fans over Bale

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LIGA - Jonathan Barnett goes wild on Real Madrid fans over Bale
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While recently defending his star client Gareth Bale, Jonathan Barnett, chairman of super-agency Stellar ICM, has gone on the offensive.

Despite Bale's fantastic career, which he surely gave his all for Los Blancos and their fans, he has been a target of criticism on numerous occasions.

He was famous for waving a flag that proclaimed "Wales. Golf." Bale's reluctance to have the same level of devotion for Real Madrid as he does for his country has been a big element in fans' dissatisfaction while on international duty.

After coming under fire again last week, agent Barnett vehemently defended his high-profile client, instead pointing the responsibility at Real Madrid supporters.

However, after lately refusing to apologise to the club's fans, the affluent agent is facing even greater backlash.

“There is no solution. I do not mind. Why should I care?” Barnett told AS reporters. “Gareth is in his final season.

“He never said it. I said it. They are my thoughts, not Gareth Bale’s thoughts. I am not speaking for Gareth Bale. I think the fans treated him disgustingly.

“Didn’t you hear the boos and the way they behaved? – Didn’t you hear that?

“Didn’t you hear that? – Did you hear how they behaved? Did you hear it? Yes or no?

“So that’s why.

“It is because it is true. Bale was fantastic for Real Madrid. Look at all the things he earned with them. And the goals he scored. And do they treat it properly? No.

“They don’t know anything and I don’t care about them.

“They asked me. It’s my opinion, not Gareth Bale’s. You can say that anyone who thinks he didn’t misbehave can explain to me why he didn’t misbehave.

“It’s not important to me, I don’t care about them.”