LIGA - Miralem Pjanić judges his season at Barça and charge at Koeman

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LIGA - Miralem Pjanić judges his season at Barça and charge at Koeman
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Loaned to Besiktas during the summer transfer window, Miralem Pjanić (31) left Catalonia where he played with FC Barcelona last season. Sparingly used by Ronald Koeman (19 appearances in La Liga for 619 short minutes played), the Bosnian logically accepted this new challenge in Turkey.

Present this Sunday in the Canal Football Club, the former midfielder of Olympique Lyonnais returned to his experience with the Blaugrana. Regretting never to have really had the opportunity to show his full potential, the principal concerned does not however wish to speak of failure:

“It's difficult to say that it was a failure, I cannot say that I 've really had my chance to show what I can do. "

Asked again about his lack of playing time, Pjanić then did not fail to charge the Barça technician: "I know that I am able to play there after all, it is not me who puts the starting eleven initially, it's not me who gives the chance to be able to play, so I just didn't have my chance and speaking with the leaders they didn't understand either but hey that's stuff that nobody could getting into the decision-maker's mind, it was like that and it was taken from the start, this choice, I never really understood and that's why my choice was very easy at the end of the season.

If Koeman stayed, I knew it was impossible for me. Me as a player I was the first to want to know the problem, I always start on my own and I asked are you looking for this, are you looking for that, what do you expect from your midfielder because of course each coach has a different vision of the game, a desire to see his midfielder do this or that but I never got an answer.

Tactically speaking, footballistically speaking, he explains (sighs) not much to you, you have no answers. When I left the locker room, the managers called me, they told me that they respected me a lot, that they did not understand all the decisions but that they really liked my attitude towards the whole group and they wished me all the best. Anyway, we'll see each other again in June.”