MLS - Vancouver Whitecaps FC fire head coach Marc Dos Santos

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MLS - Vancouver Whitecaps FC fire head coach Marc Dos Santos
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Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced on Friday that head coach Marc Dos Santos and assistant coach Phillip Dos Santos had left the club, effective immediately.

Vanni Sartini, the Whitecaps FC director of methodology, will serve as the team's interim head coach. Ricardo Clark, the assistant coach, and Youssef Dahha, the goalie coach, will stay with the first-team staff.

“We are very grateful to Marc and Phil for the hard work and sacrifice that they put in to lead our team over the past two and a half years,” said Axel Schuster, Whitecaps FC sporting director, and chief executive officer. “We are extremely committed to continue moving this club and team in the right direction, and at this time we felt that it was necessary to make a change to achieve our next steps.”

Marc Dos Santos stated, "I am happy for my time with the Whitecaps and appreciate the support I received during a difficult two-plus seasons." "This club has a lot of wonderful individuals that work really hard, and I'm grateful for the time we spent together. I'm also grateful to the players, technical, and support personnel, and I wish everyone the best of luck. I'm really looking forward to the future."