NATIONS - Southgate speaks on Qatar's human rights situation

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NATIONS - Southgate speaks on Qatar's human rights situation
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After securing their place at the World Cup, England manager Gareth Southgate says the team would "inform themselves" before deciding whether to protest Qatar's human rights record.

With a 10-0 win over San Marino in their final Group I encounter on Monday, Southgate's team qualified for next year's championship.

Amnesty International has criticized Qatar's human rights record in regard to the World Cup and the treatment of migrant workers constructing infrastructure, including stadiums for the tournament.

Southgate said after the game against San Marino that he and his team would look into the "complicated" problems surrounding Qatar.

"We have to go and work with people and represent the country in a foreign land and when you are doing that you have got to be 100 per cent sure of your facts," he said.

"That's not easy because it's hard to work through what is current and what is historic. We have a responsibility to represent our country in the right way.

"There are clear cultural differences between the two nations. It is hugely complex but we will take the time to educate ourselves and if we feel there are areas we can highlight and help, we have always tried to do that and we will do that."

The national teams of the Netherlands, Norway, and Germany have all filed protests ahead of the event.