ALL ABOUT – Jadon Sancho: ten things you maybe don't know

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ALL ABOUT – Jadon Sancho: ten things you maybe don't know
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These are ten things about Jadon Sancho you may not know about him. From his personal life to his life on the pitch, there is more than meets the eye than what we see every week. 

1. His parents came to England from Trinidad and Tobago. He has dual citizenship and could have played for the island nation, had he chosen to do so.

2. Growing up his favorite football players were Ronaldinho and Rooney. He is a Chelsea fan, even though he will now play for rivals Manchester United.

3. He had a baby brother who tragically died when Jadon was 5. He now has a tattoo on his arm remembering him.

4. His favorite TV show is “The Simpsons”. He has the whole family tattooed on his arm.

5. While at Dortmund, he administered an exclusive Whatsapp group called “Brits Abroad” which was made-up of British football players playing across Europe.

6. He’s best friends with soon-to-be teammate Marcus Rashford. The two have been dreaming of playing together for some time.

7. He’s nicknamed “Rocket” due to his speed.

8. He’s a record breaker. He became the first Englishman to ever play for Dortmund. In 2020 he became the youngest player to score 30 Bundesliga goals and the youngest and fastest to record 50 assists in the Bundesliga.

9. He loves to travel. You can find numerous pictures of his destinations on his Instagram profile.

10. He’s an avid rap fan. He’s been known to meet up with famous rappers through the years, such as Canadian standout Drake.