ALL ABOUT - Romelu Lukaku: Ten things you maybe don't know

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ALL ABOUT - Romelu Lukaku: Ten things you maybe don't know
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These are ten things about Romelu Lukaku you may not know about him. From his personal life to his life on the pitch, there is more than meets the eye than what we see every week. 

1. He comes from a family of footballers. His dad, Roger was a footballer and played professionally in Belgium, while choosing to represent Congo at the international level. His brother, Jordan, is also a football player, currently at Lazio.

2. At 16 he made a documentary series that aired on Belgian TV

3. He’s a fan of Chelsea since he was at least a teenager, so his return to Stamford Bridge is a dream come true for him. He’s also vowed to return to Anderlecht, his favorite team as a boy.

4. Arsenal had a chance to sign Romelu when he was a teenager, but ultimately Chelsea beat them to it.

5. His favorite player growing up was Dider Drogba, from whom he took a lot of inspiration and modeled his play after.

6. He’s a polyglot. He’s fluent in French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, and a Congolese dialect.

7. Thierry Henry gave him the nickname “the lawyer” when he was coaching Belgium. This is because he has an opinion and discusses about everything

8. He’s an avid NBA fan. He watches and plays a lot of basketball in his free time. His favorite players are Kobe Bryant and LeBron James

9. His favorite TV show is “Power” a series created by rapper 50 Cent. It’s not a coincidence, as his favorite music is rap, and Tupac, Jay-Z and 50 Cent are his favorite artists.

10. He’s currently not romantically involved, but he does have a son, Romeo.