BUFFON greets Juventus fans and aims for a new adventure

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BUFFON greets Juventus fans and aims for a new adventure
© photo Matteo Gribaudi/Image Sport

Talking on an Instagram post, Gianluigi Buffon greets Juventus fans as he’s going to leave the club at the end of the season: “You were the frame in which I painted my black and white story. In 20 years you have never abandoned me, you have always supported and encouraged me. Together we have sunk and together we have been reborn. Together we have experienced infinite joys and together we have experienced profound disappointments. A simple thank you will never be enough to reciprocate your infinite affection that you have continuously shown me for 20 years ”, the italian goalkeeper said.

Gianluigi Buffon, 43-year-old, doesn’t want to stop: "I have had many contacts in this period and I am analyzing the proposals received. The one that I will find most stimulating, and when I find a madman crazier than me, I will follow him. Lately I received a message from an executive that in terms of madness and ambition he could surpass me and I like those people. I still feel strong, if I find a situation that I like and stimulates me properly I think I am still a very strong goalkeeper”, the World Champions said.