SOCIAL - How Cristiano Ronaldo’s rapid transfer to Manchester United played out

28.08.2021 15:10 of V.Y. TransferMarketWeb   see readings

Why did Ronaldo give up Juventus? The split is mutual. With one last year on his contract, Ronaldo is staring for his next big deal – a deal that could be one of the last he gets to make as a product in the transfer market worth putting in. Just a week earlier, Ronaldo had put out a long post on his Instagram asking for people to admire his situation. The post was in response to stories that alleged that Real Madrid didn’t consider resigning their impressive goalscorer. How did Manchester United dive in for Ronaldo? According to reports in various media vents, it reportedly took a blend of calls and messages from Sir Alex Ferguson, Bruno Fernandes, and ex-Manchester United players to convince Ronaldo to return to United. Once that occurs, it was only a matter of time before the Portuguese captain made up his mind to get back to Old Trafford.