SOCIAL - Reassuring news from Brazilian legend Pelé

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SOCIAL - Reassuring news from Brazilian legend Pelé

After having been operated on on the colon due to a suspected tumor on September 4, Brazilian legend Pelé (80) may well leave the hospital in the coming days. According to one of his daughters, Kely Nascimento, the three-time world champion should leave intensive care for continuing care before returning to his home:

“He is recovering well from the operation. He's not in pain, he's in a good mood (Just a little pissed off because he can only eat jelly, but he'll get over it!) ”, She announced on her Instagram account.

"He'll be moving into a regular room in a day or two, then going home." He is strong and stubborn and with the support and care of Einstein's brilliant team and all the love, energy and light the whole world sends, he will make it! ”.

Good news confirmed after that given by the player himself on his social networks a few days ago: “My friends, with each passing day, I feel a little better."