Exclusive - HERMANT (L'Equipe): "Barça has offered Griezmann to Juventus for Dybala"

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Exclusive - HERMANT (L'Equipe): "Barça has offered Griezmann to Juventus for Dybala"
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Arnaud Hermant is the journalist who made fans discussing a lot in recent days. The reason? He was one of the authors of the article published on "L'Equipe" where a possible swap between Paulo Dybala and Antoine Griezmann was mentioned: "I am aware that Barça has offered Griezmann to Juventus as counterpart - Hermant explained to TransfermarketWeb -, Dybala is among the players who has the interest of Barcelona"

Sources close to Juve and Barcelona have called this type of negotiation very difficult.

"Yes, the operation is very unlikely. The salary earned by Griezmann is 16 million net excluding bonuses, this is a big obstacle for Italian, French and Spanish clubs."

These days the discussion is also very heated on the PSG due to the crazy expenses. What do they say in France?

"For the moment, PSG is having a very nice transfer market. They have reinforced the areas where help was needed (central midfielder and winger); in addition they have added Ramos and Donnarumma who will probably be the strongest goalkeeper in the world." .

Will other great players like Pogba and Ronaldo arrive?

"PSG got stronger, but didn't spend a lot of money: only 60 million plus bonuses for Hakimi. The other 3 players came for free. They certainly have high salaries, but they would have added them even if PSG had to pay in full the their tag ".

Do you think that Lille, which had an amazing championship last year, will be able to repeat themselves in Ligue 1?

"Lille was surprising, but I don't think they can reconfirm. It's a bit like Jardim's Monaco in 2017, which won because PSG had lost key points against low-ranking teams."

What are your thoughts on the next Champions League? Which team do you see well beyond the PSG?

"PSG, like every season, is one of the favorites and even more so after the purchases made. But we will also find Bayern, Real, Juve and Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool".