EXCLUSIVE - Marco Rossi: "Exciting Euros, the dream is called Qatar 2022"

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Source: Interview by Mirko Di Natale
EXCLUSIVE - Marco Rossi: "Exciting Euros, the dream is called Qatar 2022"
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Exclusive - ROSSI, Hungary’s hero: "Exciting Euros, the dream is called Qatar 2022. Let me tell you how it was facing the group of death. Italy? They can win the Euro Cup"

"The adjective is exciting, the noun excite. It was all so beautiful, I had never experienced these feelings before." 

This is what Marco Rossi thinks, Hungary’s manager, who made a whole nation dream in the group of death with France, Portugal and Germany. His team, in fact, was very close to snatching a historic qualification. We interviewed him for TransfermarketWeb.

You couldn't find a better word to describe what happened.

"Despite the loss against Portugal, there were many fans who waited and encouraged us one hour after the game ended. That's why I said exciting, because it is the adjective that encloses everything."

How much did playing in Budapest help with the stadium full of your own fans?

"From last September until the Euros, we achieved great results without our fans. We thought having our own fans could be a great advantage. Anyway only two of the three games were played in Budapest with our fans, they were really helpful as they were really involved and there was definitely a big push from them."

Our impression is that in the match with France, even more than the one with Portugal, fans were really the twelfth man.

"When you face these great national teams, we have to leverage factors other than talent. Because from a technical point of view, Hungary unfortunately will always come out on the losing end. This is why the home environment  was crucial for us"

The tactical approach of an Italian coach who exported the "Made in Italy" brand of football to the fullest also has its merits.

"The matches need to be interpreted on the basis of your characteristics and those of the opponent. In this European championship we have certainly had a more conservative attitude, but tactics are simply the means a coach uses to allow the players to express themselves to their full potential.  Against these three giants, we expressed ourselves almost to our full potential."

Did you give your players any particular indications on how to face champions like Ronaldo and Mbappe?

"We must always keep in mind what our tactical approach must be, regardless of the opponent's value. If we can play as we know even in difficult times, as a team we will always be able to contain individuality. If we just think about how to neutralize Ronaldo, Mbappe and other top players, it will always be an unbalanced fight."

The dream is now called Qatar 2022.

"It is my big dream, especially after having reached certain milestones. If we qualify for the World Cup, I could say that I left a mark on Hungarian football. The last World Cup for Hungary was in 1986, and it’s the reason why we all have the dream of reaching this prestigious objective."

Starting tomorrow, clearly, you will support Italy. How do you see the "Azzurri"?

"If they manage to have any luck, because this is an important component in knockout matches, I definitely think Italy is one of the favorites to win it all because of the play and great organization they showed in their matches up to now. Mancini is doing very well with the Italian national team, nobody in the world is doing better than him and Italy. There is no need to comment, the results he is achieving are there for all to see."