EXCLUSIVE - Nicolini: "De Zerbi-Shakthar: we like Marlon, on our transfer market goals..."

De Zerbi-Shakthar: the idea originated in December, I'll tell you why he opted for Ukraine. Italian football will regret letting him go. We like Marlon, on our transfer market goals..."
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Source: Interview by Mirko Di Natale
EXCLUSIVE - Nicolini: "De Zerbi-Shakthar: we like Marlon, on our transfer market goals..."
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In the long interview with Transfermarket Web, the assistant to the sporting director Darijo Srna, Carlo Nicolini, answers our questions about the transfers Shakhtar Donetsk will make this summer.

Shakhtar have been linked with many Sassuolo players, can you give us some clarity?

"The truth is that Shakhtar had already planned on two or three transfers. Roberto told us that we have an excellent base, he suggested some names that are functional to his game while still within our philosophy. The interesting thing is that he wants to strengthen some specific areas. He is not here to suggest expensive players, our goal are a mix of young and experienced guys with a reasonable price. He asked for one or two Sassuolo players, after all he really appreciates the guys who he helped grow over there."

Are the players he requested the same ones that appeared in the newspapers, namely Locatelli, Berardi, Marlon?

"I can't name any names, but what I can say is that they are not Locatelli and Berardi because we already have top players in those roles and therefore it wouldn’t make sense to invest there. The ones that came out in the newspapers are for the most part inaccurate. The only one we could be interested in is Marlon, because the coach likes him a lot. But Shakhtar doesn't buy just to buy, the players we will evaluate will be in line with our ideas and our philosophy. Surely our goal will be to buy players coming out of Italy as well, not only ones from Brazil. Roberto did not come here to demand certain players, he’s shown that he is very open to a dialogue and exchange of ideas."