EXCLUSIVE - Santos, Kaio Jorge's former coach: "He looks like Firmino"

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Source: Interview by Mirko Di Natale
EXCLUSIVE - Santos, Kaio Jorge's former coach: "He looks like Firmino"

Being called Santos and being the coach of the Santos youth team must be a real pride. Luciano was Kaio Jorge’s coach up to the age of 16 and he shared his growing path; he saw Olinda's talent becoming the player he is today: "I think everyone is crazy for Kaio Jorge - he screamed -, we are talking about a young player, a forward with great career in front of him who has ended up attracting attention from Europe and now in particular from Italy. He has great technical quality and participates a lot during the match." Santos spoke to Transfermarketweb about the young star born in 2002:

Can you describe Kaio Jorge better? The fans of Milan, Juve and Benfica in the last week have written his name on Google to find out who he is.

"He is a finisher, he is a player who likes to move around a lot, he has good vision of the game and participates a lot in the game. He likes to have the ball and attacks spaces well, he is really smart".

Who is he inspired by? Is there a player who comes to your mind and looks like him?

"I think he is a player similar to Firmino, a player who comes out of the penalty box and then attacks from behind. I think he would fit perfectly into a similar type of game."

The club closest to him at the moment is Juventus, would he be the right striker to play with Ronaldo and Dybala?

Juventus, Milan and Benfica are great clubs in which he would certainly be able to show his qualities and become the great player he already is in this moment. It is known nationally, it could be even more so internationally.”

Could he retrace the great deeds of Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima in Italy?

"Time will tell, but Ronaldo is a player who arrived in Italy as an established player. Kaio, today, is a promising player with a lot of potential and quality, patience will be needed."