EXCLUSIVE - Thomas Helveg: "Denmark believes in miracles and wants to face Italy"

07.07.2021 14:35 of Matteo Rubinato   see readings
Source: Interview by Mirko Di Natale
EXCLUSIVE - Thomas Helveg: "Denmark believes in miracles and wants to face Italy"

If you ask Thomas Helveg what is the most important event happened in 1992, he will surely answer by talking about Denmark winning the European Championship. Denmark's historic achievement is still felt today many years later, and tonight there will be a great chance of being able to play the final. The opponent, however, is called England, who will play at home at Wembley and will try to make their fans happy. Helveg spoke to TransfermarketWeb about England-Denmark:

How much do Denmark believe in winning this semi-final? Is there any belief that 1992 can be repeated?

"Yes, the people here in Denmark are hoping to be able to repeat history. England are a very tough opponent, the match will be very difficult. There is great conviction here, we are convinced that we are working well and we know that anything can happen."

What is scarier: England as a national team or the 60,000 spectators at Wembley cheering for the home team?

"There will be a bit of fear both for England and for the people who will cheer it at Wembley, but Denmark will have to be good at not starting already beaten. The British, then, will have a bit of pressure, so this will not be easy."

Are there any weaknesses in England?

"I don't know if England have a weak point, I hope that Denmark will be able to score a goal to see what their reaction will be. If the approach is like that of the last games, Denmark can stay in the game until the end."

Denmark dragged by Dolberg is the real loose cannon. Who could be decisive tonight?

"Dolberg is playing a very good European, but our strength has always been the team. Then it is clear that the forwards will make the difference, but not only them have scored. Tonight the group will be decisive.".

In your opinion, what happened to Eriksen was used as a strength for the comrades? With him on the pitch, would Denmark have repeated the same result?

"The European has given the stadiums back to the people, this has created a very strong bond to teams like Denmark. The Copenhagen crowd was very impressed by what happened in Eriksen and for this it was fundamental for the support, but also in the other cities Denmark has managed to find that compactness and strength to do well."

Who will win the European Championship?

"Italy is the favorite in the final victory, regardless of whether they face England or Denmark. The hope is that we will face the Italians in the final, because we Danes believe in the miracle."