INTERVIEW - Roy Makaay: "Congratulations to the Czech Rep, but Holland would have won without the red card"

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INTERVIEW - Roy Makaay: "Congratulations to the Czech Rep, but Holland would have won without the red card"
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Roy Makaay was used to be a ghost when he played, because he appeared and disappeared from the radar of the defenders. "The Pistolero", as he was called, was capable of becoming a real nightmare for his opponents. TransferMarketWeb interviewed him to talk about the elimination of Holland:

Did you expect the elimination of Netherlands? How surprised were you?

"No i did not expect that Holland would lose against the Czech Republic. So not only me, but I think a lot of people were surprised. But the Czech Republic played well and deserved to play against Denmark."

Without de Ligt's red card, would Netherlands have won against the Czech Republic?

"That’s always a difficult question, but I think they would have won without the red card. They just misted a big chance a minute before the red card. But still you never know."

The Dutch press has expressed strong criticism of de Boer's damage. What do you think? Was it right to replace him?

"There will be a lot of critics about the result and some choices he made. Especially the substitution of Malen is a big issue."

It is the Euro Cup of surprises, because France has also been eliminated. How will it end now? What is your prediction?

"It is a nice Euro so far with some surprises, especially the elimination of the big favorite France. I find a very hard to predict who we will in it. Before the tournament I said France or Spain."

What do you think of Italy? Will he be able to overtake Belgium?

"I think Italy played very well in the group stage. Against Austria they had quit some problems. I think they have to play at the level of the group stage if they want to beat Belgium. I am looking forward to this match."

Is there a striker that you are following most of all in this European Championship?

"I always follow the strikers in such a tournament. That’s why it mice to see that Lewandowski, Ronaldo and Lukaku showed how good they are."