Valentini to TMKWEB: "No to Super League. Ceferin, Agnelli both wrong"

The exclusive interview by TransferMarketWeb
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Source: Interview by Mirko Di Natale
Valentini to TMKWEB: "No to Super League. Ceferin, Agnelli both wrong"
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Antonello Valentini former director general of the FIGC exclusively to TransferMarketWeb.

What is your idea on the Super League?

"I never liked the idea of ​​the Super League, because seeing football organized in a caste in which only a select few are admitted to the club is not great. The victim here is the meritocratic principle, I like the result and the pitch’s verdict. I didn't like Ceferin's latest outing on his personal relationship with Agnelli, but I can say the same about the Juventus President."


"Because Agnelli was ECA President, and as such he was supposed to represent the interests of clubs from all over Europe and instead he entered into the whole affair and excluded 12 clubs. This is not good at all. It is true that the big clubs have economic problems, but Agnelli was also a member of the UEFA Executive Committee and his battle had to be carried out in that context. I would have welcomed a debate, not the set up of an underground organization that comes out with a statement in the middle of the night. I didn't like how this project was conceived and handled, I still don't understand why Barcelona, ​​Juve and Real are staying put, unlike the other nine who have taken a step back."

What outcome can we expect? What do you think about it?

"Uefa made the right decision by suspending disciplinary proceedings against these three clubs, also by virtue of the Madrid court verdict. Now Uefa will try to find countermeasures, but what interests me most is to trying to find a climate of harsh, even, and lively confrontation with strong counters. This is my hope."