NATIONS - Balotelli: “Ready to return to the national team"

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NATIONS - Balotelli: “Ready to return to the national team"
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Mario Balotelli comes back to talk and does so on the occasion of an interviewee at OCW. The former striker also of Inter, Milan, Monza and Brescia, now in Turkey at Adana Demirspor does not hide his desire to return as a protagonist with the Italy shirt, perhaps for the next play-offs to go to the World Cup in Qatar.

"I feel good and I am fine after the last 2 and a half years, I feel ready to return to the national team. It would be a dream. I would leave Turkey on foot now if I knew I was among the Azzurri squad in March ...", he said Balotelli. "Playing with Immobile? Due to my characteristics I could play in pairs with everyone. And therefore yes also with Ciro. I can play well with everyone. Penalties? I prefer not to answer directly because it would create controversy. It is known that I also shoot the penalties, I don't think it's new. Who is the guy who plays football and doesn't dream of being the forward of the national team ?! ". On the relationship with Mancini: "Excellent and I've always had it. We have an open relationship, he told me what he wants from me so that I can return to the national team. And I'll do it. Have I heard from him lately? Yes. Him you know that if I'm fine why shouldn't you call me? ". "Mancini hasn't called me until now because he knows my potential and I'm not at that level yet. Now I have until March to get to the top of my condition. It's not like I'm here to complain about not being summoned. far from my condition, I just have to work ".

"There is one thing that I have never liked in Italy. Italy has won a European championship, it has set a record of victories, yet at the first setback it throws mud. A bit of optimism isn't it? so many people write to me to return to the national team. But the truth is that: how do you manage to throw everything in the cow at the first obstacle? What makes me angry is that there are too many ignorant people in Italy. If you are a read website, a widely read newspaper, in the end you create the thought for people and not if they do it alone ".

"Have I scored more goals before than now? With Nice and Marseille all in all it went well. You know the problems I had in Brescia, there was a very particular president. I played half a season and I never have the other. For this reason I started late with Monza and also the choice to go to Serie B making this attempt did not go well. I don't think I would make that choice again. Lately in the last period with Monza I was returning to certain levels. I had two and a half years. difficult, and it is normal that the average goal has dropped. " "What if I'm finished? I don't follow newspapers, articles, etc. My brother updates me and often says to me: 'They really think you're finished." I have never had the fear and the fear that I could not make a difference ".