NATIONS - Cameroon responds to CAF for the Africa Cup of Nations

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NATIONS - Cameroon responds to CAF for the Africa Cup of Nations
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The next African Cup of Nations is to be held soon from January 9 to February 6, 2022 in Cameroon. However, in recent weeks, the African Football Confederation has been worried about the organization, which is falling behind. It mainly targets the Olembé stadium, which is due to host the first match, but it is not always over.

"I am sorry to note that despite the many visits, in particular that of the president, the secretary general of CAF and the vice-president of CAF, and the promises which followed, the acts did not follow", declared Gianni Infantino's advisor, Mr. Mosengo-Omba, in a letter addressed to the organizers.

The stadium to host the opening match must be delivered on November 30, forcing CAF to put pressure on Cameroon. “Regarding the Olembé stadium, know that if everything is not settled by November 30, 2021, the opening match will take place elsewhere. Measures have already been taken in this direction, but it would be unfortunate for the Organizing Committee, for CAF and for Cameroon. "

The host country was quick to respond with a press release in which it affirms that the stadium will be ready since it is already 98% built according to the organizers.of

"We want to recall the firm will of the State of Cameroon and Cocan (the organizing committee, editor's note) to respect the commitments and underline that in any case the hypothesis of the relocation of the ceremony opening is not envisaged and cannot be accepted by the Cameroonian government. "