NATIONS - Euro 2020, Conte: "This is how Italy can beat England"

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NATIONS - Euro 2020, Conte: "This is how Italy can beat England"
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Antonio Conte is enjoying some vacation time and looking for a new challenge after winning the scudetto with Inter and then resigning his contract with the team. Interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport here is what he said about the next final: "Unlike Spain, who tended to pass it backwards, they always try to hit you in one-on-one situations. Many praise Harry Kane for his ability to go get the ball and play with the team, such as with the equaliser against Denmark. Of course, he’s good at that too, but it’s in the box where he’s clinical and as a coach, I would always keep him in there, because he’s devastating.

There are two very physical midfielders like Rice and Phillips, who bring balance, but very few vertical passes, often going for the simple option.

A weak spot for England is that if their defense is pressed when building out from the back, they aren’t as good as Spain at escaping the press. However, if you are ultra-attacking in your press and they do escape, then watch out for their pace upfront. Again, this is when Italy must show their experience at reading the various moments of the game.

Playing all but one of their games at Wembley is certainly an advantage, but could be wind in their sails or an enormous anchor weighing them down.

We will have fewer fans in the stadium, but more experience than them on the pitch. We know what it means to play Finals. We also know how to win them.”